4 Yard Skip

Our smallest skip, for less waste removal.




Length 8ft 5in x Width 5ft x Height 3ft

Catering to smaller renovations and projects, our 4-yard skip holds around 35-40 bin bags of general mixed waste. The size of this skip makes it ideal for placement on an average driveway while accommodating the removal of a moderate amount of waste. You can also fit builder’s waste in these skips in moderation, as of course, this is our smaller sized skip. So if you’re looking for a convenient solution to rid of the waste from your smaller renovations, then the 4 cubic yard skip is perfect for you!


How much can I put in the skip?

You can load your skip with as much waste as it can hold which is the height of its sides. Exceeding this limit may compromise safety during transport and could result in additional charges.

How long can I have the skip for

You may have our skips for up to 3 weeks. If you anticipate needing the skip for a longer period, please inform us during the booking process. The pricing remains consistent regardless of the duration for which the skip is rented.

What main factors should I consider prior to my Skip Hire?

If you share a driveway with a neighbour, we recommend checking with them first to avoid any potential issues for both you and our team. We also need enough accessible space for the skip to be dropped off and collected, which includes ensuring there are no parked cars on your road that may obstruct our lorries.


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